These are some features we want to be implemented in Npgsql. Thanks David Bachmann for compiling this list.

Provider Factory - Implemented

Metadata Schema Discovery - PI

Connection Pooling Control - PI

Bulk Copy Operations - Implemented

Integration with System.Transactions - Implemented

Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) - NI

XML Data Type Support - WIP

Connection String Builder - Implemented

Provider-Specific Types support - Implemented

Asynchronous Command execution - NI

Batch update support - NI

Provider Statistics - NI

Tracing Support - NI

Password Change API - NI

Run with Partial Trust permissions - WIP

Visual Studio 2005 Integration (DDEX) - NI

Client Failover - NI

Server Enumeration - NS

User-Defined Types - NS

Database update Notifications - NS

In file database - NS ( N/A to Postgresql )

PI = Partially Implemented
WIP = Work In Progress
NI = Not Implemented
NS = Not Supported